On Artificial Intelligence and Meta-Geopolitics - QUOTES

"We have grown increasingly accustomed to the presence and benefits of AI-related technologies, but it is essential to realize that their extensive use has very real and concrete implications for national power and geopolitical competition."

" Even beyond the military and intelligence sectors, AI and AI devices change the nature of power through their direct and profound impact on critical state capacities as they are used in key social and economic sectors: in finance, economy, agriculture, health, education, and the environment."

"Intelligent machines have acquired a pivotal dimension in today’s world pushing us to rethink geopolitics and state power. Material and normative aspects have traditionally defined power in international politics, and the uses of AI impact both."

"The contributions of AI span numerous fields, and impact sectors (military and civilian) that are central to the definition of national power."

"The real-life applicability of Artificial Intelligence reshapes our understanding of the foundations of national power, with both the “soft” and “hard” capacities that define it."

"In the era of artificial intelligence, we must expand our views of the means and ways through which state power is defined and the range of resources that contribute to it."